Some of our awesome recent projects.

Our VFX Tough Coat was applied to all areas of this project allowing guests to press/touch and interact with their surroundings.
Custom airbrushing, stencling and various other treatments were applied creating a coheseive and immersive environment for guests.
LED lighting controlled by VFX Custom Software. Lighting was embedded into foam prop.
VFX Hard Coated and designed to withstand constant usage by thousands of guests.
Large foam props that feel like stone but are as light as foam. Best of both worlds!
Custom LED lighting fabricated and programmed to react to button presses by guests.
Atmospheric lighting designed to coincide with specific puzzles being pressed in a specific order.
Integrated RFID components provide guests with an amazing experience.
Large columns appear to be made out of stone but are in fact hard coated foam elements!
Doors are automatically controlled via the game director sitting in the room next door.
Large rotatable wheel was designed and integrated for a completely new type of puzzle experience.
LED buttons integrated and designed by VFX.
Lighting effects react to puzzles being completed successfully…or incorrectly!

Kalahari Resorts | Escape Rooms

Composed of over 35 pieces of custom milled foam glued and coated.
VFX Hard Coated and designed to withstand constant usage by thousands of guests.
These abs consisted of over 6 individual abs…each ab only weighed 2 lbs!

Poseidon Trade Show Exhibit

Large September 11 memorial designed for the City of Ferndale’s Police Department. This amazing prop had 3D extruded stars coming from the pillar.
Over 17 state agencies where featured on each of the circles surrounding both pillars.

Ferndale Police Department

Xenomorph head designed for a little boy to wear for Halloween. Talk about a great gift!

Cosplay | Xenomorph Helmet

Over 7 ft tall statue of Anubis. Designed to hold a staff and be mounted to a wall component. Designed for a large resort on the east coast!

Kalahari Resorts | Anubis Statues

Entire prop milled from a single sheet of EPS foam. Hardcoated, and custom painted.
Socket for holding a variety of attachments, including a serving tray and hours of opperation sign.
Custom crafted base for stability and style.

The Foundry | Bellinghamster

A 3D scan was taken from the historic building and recreated as a mold to later cast against.

Custom Mold for Historic Building

Over 10 ft long by 8 ft tall, this brain was a massive prop!

Outdoor Health Exhibit

Large foam letters made an awesome impact at Husky Stadium!
Large foam letters made an awesome impact at Husky Stadium!

UW - Outdoor Letters

Large foam letters made an awesome impact at Husky Stadium!

Shawna-X - Indoor Pizza

Large VFX Tough Coat Foam letters on a weighted stand.

SK - Outdoor Retreat

Large VFX Tough Coat Foam letters on a weighted stand.

Zoo Atlanta

Airbrushing and coatings applied to a variety of props!

Photo-Op Prop - Kids Camp

Custom air brushed by our master artist.
We designed an underwater scene and printed out over 20+ ft of high grade vinyl.
Corner element created to resemble a pier, complete with faux wood grain.
Integrated iPads provided kids the opportunity to engage with the crabs and help them to forget they were in a clinic.

Pediatric Office

Large 11 ft long tongue and open mouth with custom paint work. Photo credit:

Shawna-X Indoor Exhibit

VFX Tough Coat applied allowing fans to interact with the prop!

Music Festival

Using our 7-axis robot we machined the dragon wings, head, feet and jaw. Painting/coatings provided by Funco. Photo courtesy of

Funko | Game of Thrones

5ft tall giant letters made for the Major League Soccer team, San Diego Quakes
Base of the letters had custom inset thread embedded allow for easy letter removal for transportation.
VFX Tough Coat applied to allow the props to withstand the elements.

San Diego Quakes(MLS)

Large 5ft tall letters designed for Kaiser Permanente!
Base designed to be easy to remove letters for transporting.

Kaiser Permanente

This big bird measures over 7ft long and over 4ft tall
Our team loves their work, who wouldn’t love making a massive Turkey?

Fair Oaks Farms | Turkey

3D foam elements that were hard coated to withstand harsh weather.

Native PTAC | Exterior Sign

Hand carved headless horseman complete with pumpkin!

Denver Zoo - Headless Horseman

An amazing demagorgon for an amazing girl, Kiley! Our demagorgon was designed to attach directly to a wheelchair with minimal work.
Hard coated and lots of paint! Our demogorgon for the Magic Wheelchari foundation was a hit!
We were honored to create this Demogorgon for Kaylee for the Magic Wheel chair non-profit.

Emerald City Comic-Con

Over 300+ molds were created for the new LaGuardia Airport expansion project. Custom concrete furniture was cast from molds created on our 7-axis robot.

LaGuardia Airport Expansion

Hand sculpted sculpture designed to look like a sand castle. Was used as a traveling prop for an agency activation.

Agency Activation - Sand Castle

Complex compound curves cut out on our advanced 4-axis wire cutters.

Casino Ceiling Project

Large Mayan prop coated with VFX tough coat and designed to withstand the harsh abuse of paintballs being shot at over 285 feet per second.
Embedded structural support allows the prop to sit nice and stable.

Splat Tag | Large Mayan Prop

Custom radio frequency ID chips integrated into several components providing a truly amazing experience for guests to the attraction.
LED lighting inlaid throughout top soffit attachments.
Custom audio was recorded and engineered to play throughout attraction based upon timed specific events.

Kalahari Resorts

Huge photo-op prop designed to look as if it was smashing into the ground. Lots of airbrushing and custom painted rivets on this bad boy.
Large steel structure embedded so it could be easily placed into concrete base.
Stenciling performed across the wing and clear coated to lock in the amazing airbrush work.

Paintball Explosion | Photo Op Prop

Sign designed for Riverbanks Zoo & Garden to welcome guests.
Structural support integrated into sign for easy placement onsite.

Riverbanks Zoo & Garden

Bottle measures over 6 feet tall
Custom graphics created and applied in house

Fair Oaks Farms | Milk Bottle

We used special high density foam core for construction that allowed us to capture an extreme level of detail.

Global Financial | Interior Sign

An amazing female juvenile orca we had the privilege of developing for a new building under construction.
Our orca was hard coated and built to mount to the side of a building with ease. In under 30 minutes, the orca was attached to the building.
The tail only weighed around 25 lbs with our VFX tough coat!

Life Size Orca Whale

Caterpillars, large letters, a buddah and much more. We had a ton of fun working on this project!
Our VFX Tough Coat was applied to the entire Buddha allowing guests to sit, stand and interact with the prop.
100% completely hand sculpted. Turned out amazing!

Cannabition - Las Vegas

Large, hand sculpted entrance sign for paintball park.

Paintball Park - Entrance Sign