VFX Foam Prop Survives House Fire with Minimal Damage

We wanted to share a very unfortunate but interesting story that involves a VFX staff member.  Several weeks ago, one of our employees experienced a house fire that destroyed the second floor.  Smoke damange took the bottom except the few areas where the fire pushed through the floor.  While the residents of the house are all okay, the fire destroyed everything except for one item our employee found that was mostly still intact.  That item was a 3 foot tall gummy bear foam prop that we made at VFX Foam and coated in VFX Tough Coat.   While it’s pretty amazing that a coated prop survived the fire, what’s even more surprising is that the prop only had our VFX Tough Coat and not the Fire Rated version we use for fire resistance!

If you’re not familiar with the gummy bear project, here’s some background on it.  VFX Foam worked with Zoo Atlanta to make (4) 4 foot tall Gummy Bear foam props for a special Boo at the Zoo event they host at their zoo each year.  Prior to making the 4 foot tall versions, we ran a test and created a few 3 foot tall versions to make sure everything would go well with the production models.  We had also hard coated the test foam props with our VFX Tough Coat.

Since we wouldn’t be using the test models, we gave one of the gummy bears to one of our employees who took it home and had it sitting in their bedroom during the night of the fire.  It’s pretty amazing to us that the foam prop with VFX Tough Coat survived with only the damage seen in the pictures below.  We’ll also post a few pictures of the room so you can get an idea of the damage caused by the fire.

The pictures of the gummy bear will show some cracks.  These were not caused by the fire by rather some kids who found the gummy bear after our employee had removed it from the debris.  We believe the deformation was caused by the extreme heat but could not believe this is the only damage that was done to it by the fire.

If you’re interested in talking to us about VFX Tough coat or creating a themed environment for your home or business, themed foam props, or creating any other type of foam prop or themed foam item, feel free to reach out to us.  We’re here to help!  We can be reached at www.vfxfoam.com or by calling 888-291-2720.

The pictures below were taken from screenshots from a video tour of the damage after the fire had been put out.

VFX Foam Props and Foam Theming VFX Foam Props and Foam Theming VFX Foam Props and Foam Theming

This is a picture of the bedroom that the gummy bear was sitting in during the fire.

VFX Foam Props and Foam Theming

These are the pictures of the gummy bear foam prop that was hard coated in VFX Tough Coat.  This shows the damage after the fire.  Please keep in mind the cracks came from children that were playing with the gummy bear after the fire had been put out and they found it in the debris.  The deformation shown in the pictures are from the actual fire.

VFX Foam Props and Foam Theming VFX Foam Props and Foam Theming VFX Foam Props and Foam Theming VFX Foam Props and Foam Theming

It amazes us that the prop only suffered the damage shown in the pictures, especially knowing how hot temperatures can reach in house fires.