VFX Foam Prop Coatings: VFX Tough Coat, VFX Hybrid Tough Coat, and VFX Aquatic

You hear us mention VFX Tough Coat, VFX Hybrid Tough Coat, and VFX Aquatic in some of the foam prop projects we work on at VFX Foam.  When it comes to foam props or foam theming many customers are concerned about how well the foam holds up, especially for long term projects.  We put many of these concerns to rest by adding our specialized coatings over the foam and we’ll explain the coatings and process below.

When working with high density foam props you’ll notice that while it’s a fairly dense material, it is very fragile and the slightest bumps and dings can cause damage to the foam.  VFX Foam combats this problem by adding our specialized coatings over the foam to give them either a rubber-like or plastic-like layer to help protect it.  These coatings not only provide a very durable and impact resistant layer over the foam but it also helps seal the foam from being damaged by things like water.

VFX Tough Coat is our main coating we use on foam props and our foam theming projects.  VFX Tough Coat provides a tough outer shell that encases the entire foam prop and is the main coating we recommend for outdoor use, props for shooting sports such as paintball and airsoft, or any other type of foam prop or theming that will be kept outdoors or have a high level of customer contact.

VFX Hybrid Tough Coat is similar to VFX Tough Coat but recommended more for indoor environments where you don’t need as a tough as a coating as our VFX Tough Coat.  This hybrid version of VFX Tough Coat still provides a durable layer of protection over the foam but gives our customers a lower priced option than Tough Coat while still providing a medium level of protection.

VFX Aquatic is our coating that is tailored towards waterparks, underwater exhibits, or any foam prop or theming that will be in direct contact with water and possible chemicals like what you might find in swimming pools.  VFX Aquatic not only provides a layer of protection over the foam but it also makes the foam impervious to pool chemicals and UV rays.  This is a perfect coating for swimming pools and splash pads, waterparks, zero depth entry pool props like our custom themed children’s waterslides, and much more.

We also use the proper spraying equipment when working with these types of coatings.  It isn’t as simple as brushing or spraying a coating on foam.  It requires a process that is detailed and involved and needs specialized equipment.  You can rest assured that VFX Foam has all of the necessary equipment and technical know-how to get the job done.

For more information about VFX Foam props, foam theming, and our specialized coatings; please contact us by clicking the contact us button in the menu, sending us an email direct at info@vfxfoam.com, or by calling 888-291-2720 and asking to speak to sales.