Photo Opportunity Props and Customer-Driven Marketing

If you’re not familiar photo opportunity props, they can bring a lot of value to the table in terms of fun and customer-driven marketing.  VFX Foam takes photo opportunity props a step further by giving you a turnkey solution for people and businesses looking for an innovative and fun way to promote your next event, brand, or service.  The best part is your customer does all of the work for you!

Photo Opportunity Props are designed to bring attention to something and let your customers get excited about promoting it.  An example would be to take an event logo and create a 15 ft. tall version of it in 3 dimensional foam, maybe add some fun elements such as LED lighting, and then paint it to your specs or pantone color match it to your logo’s colors.  Once built and installed, customers will want to take pictures with the prop and upload the pictures to social media and there’s a few good ways to facilitate this.

First is to set up a self-service selfie station that your customers can operate.  The customer would walk up to the selfie station and enter their social media information or an email address to either post the picture directly to their social media pages or have it emailed to them.  Each method really depends on what type of contact information you want to capture.   The software will also watermark the picture with a logo, website address, or any other info you want to show.  What happens is when the customer uploads the picture to social media, it will act as free advertising for the business, event, or service.  This also works well if it’s a group photo and everyone is tagged in it.  The picture then shows up on your customers wall and is marketed to their friends and family.  Since the picture is watermarked and the prop looks like a brand, logo, or other recognizable feature, it will act as free marketing and advertising and will help pay for itself over time.  What’s great is you can also reuse these props over and over again, year after year.  This is due to our manufacturing processes and the protective coatings we use.

Another method of utilizing photo opportunity props is to create a selfie booth station that automatically uploads the pictures to your company social media page.  What this does is it drives traffic to that platform which usually results in a like or follow.  Let the customers know they can download, share, tag, or do whatever they want with the pictures and that they are free and theirs to keep. What happens is the customer not only stops by your page which may result in a like or follow but since the picture is watermarked, the picture will still advertise and market the event, product, brand or service due to the watermarked logo or website address.  Let your customers do some of the heavy lifting and market your business to their friends and family for you.

These are becoming more and more popular at large public events and at trade shows.  If you want to see some examples, you can do a search for “photo opportunity prop” on google to see some examples of what’s been done before.

If you’re interested in talking to us about creating a unique and very eye-catching photo opportunity prop that will make your employees proud and “wow” your customers, feel free to reach out to us.  We’re here to help!  We can be reached at or by calling 888-291-2720.