We’re Vectorwrx Studios, A 3D Sculpting Prop and Theming¬†Decor Studio Dedicated to Delivering Amazing Experiences.

Start the process. Contact us.Start the process. Contact us.

Advanced Technologies

3D scanners, mills, wire cutters and more. If technology can help create a better end product we're all about it.

Highest Quality Materials

We only use the highest quality materials from the most regarded suppliers. Only the best makes it way into our studio and into your product.

Professional Artists

Painters. Foam sculptors. Mechanical engineers. Electrical engineers. We have a lot of amazing talent under our roof.

3D Theming, It’s What We Do

Our creative capabilities allow us to take on a variety of theming projects. From small single props to large full scale adventure rooms with hundreds of custom themed pieces, there's nothing we can't take on.

3D scanning, 3D milling, wire cutting, coatings and so much more...all under one roof.

We've worked with some AMAZING clients. Here are just a few.

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